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Gemstone Shape

Shaped Polished Crystals

White Selenite Crystal Gem Bowl 10cm wide x 4cm deep, Orange Crystals not included.
Large Selenite Crystal Angel Figure, stands 15cm tall
Etched Flower of life Selenite crystal grid plate, 10 diameter, Round round shape, 1.3cm thick.
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Sound: Note B Crown Chakra, Note A Third Eye Chakra, Note G Throat Chakra, Note F Heart Chakra, Note E Solar Plexus, Note D Sacrel Chakra, Note C Root Chakra
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Quartz Pebbles, with Window, Approx Size 4cm x 4cm x 3cm. Sold Singly.
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One off! Carved from Genuine Brazilian Rainbow Quartz Crystal, 1.7Kilo
Phases of the Moon Etched crystal grid plate, 11 diameter, Round round shape, 1.3cm thick approx
Etched Chakras & Flower of life Selenite crystal grid plate, 10 diameter, round shape, 1.3cm thick.
White selenite crystal eggs, 6cm x 4cm approx, sold singly 
Ingot of Selenite Stand 19cm long x 4cm wide x 1.5cm thick
Black Obsidian Mirror. ROUND shape. Approx 15cm's in diameter and 8mm thick. Used for Scrying, and...
Polished crystal plate, 20cm by 10cm.