Staurolite-fairy Cross

Staurolite-fairy Cross

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Staurolite – fairy Cross – Cross Stones

All this popped when I first worked with the stone. Most of time I will rationalise the work before sharing it – but occasionally I’ll leave it as is. It can allow some to see, one of the processes that come to me and for some that may be what they want?

Impression - Gifu Rune, 4 leaf Clover, The suit of Pentacles, Cross Roads & routes. Centring Channelling, passing through, connecting, filtering, driving, purposeful, strength, the heart. Opening Allowing, letting opportunities unfold, Earthly wisdom – money, gifts and wishes.

Personification -The Leprecon and Symbol The clover.

Clever, higher view of things, the overview, the whole picture of something, its nature, design, concentrate on one point to link to opportunities. Energetic, enthusiastic, light-footed adaptability to obstacles, helpful on journeys, guidance around problems. Increased awareness – sensing the change in the currents and adjusting in good time.

Magical & Enchanting – cunning with slight of hand, mischievous and humorous. Playfulness youthfulness in older years.

Work with this crystal in a light hearted manner and you’ll bring out its better points. Not to be used selfishly to control people of events to suit one person alone. The Leprecon nature of this stone reacts very angrily to being misused; kind and generous by nature but no fool to the motivations of greed, pride and anger. He will help if asked and only asks that you follow his example with you gives to you.  Be Generous, be Connected

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