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A-Z of Crystals...
Gemstone Shape

Tumble Stone & Palm Stones

A Wide Range of Polished Tumble Stones and Palm Stones, Worry stones, Chakra Stones and Birthstones

Tumbled Rose Quartz Crystals. Size 2.5-3cm. Sold Singly.
Size circa 2 - 2.5cm. Sold Singly
Malachite Tumble Stone Crystals. Size 2.5-3cm.. Sold Singly.
Blue Calcite Tumble Stones, Sold Singly. Size 2-2.5cm approx
Gold Tiger Eye Tumble Stones, Size 2cm - 2.5cm, Sold Singly
White Agate Chalcedony Tumble Stones, size 2-3cm, Sold Singly
Extra Large Aventurine tumble stones Crystals, sold singly, size 2.5-3.5cm
Tumbled Amethyst Crystals. Rich Purple and white bands. Sizes, 1-1.5cm Sold Singly
Sold in packs and singly, Size 2-2.5cm. Sold Singly.
Sugilite Crystals. 10-15mm long,  Sold Singly.
Yellow Jasper Tumble Stones, size 2cm - 2.5cm, Sold Singly
Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Crystals. Sold Singly. Size. 2-2.5cm