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Divination Tools

Divination, is a term used for the process of communicating with the divine. Nothing is hidden from divine consciousness and ever since humans understood there was a divine spirit, people have been making contact in their own unique ways. A Wide range of Divination tools including Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Crystal Pendulums, Crystal Runes sets and more can be found here.
Scolecite Dowsing Pendulum, Silver Mounted, the droplet is 4.3 cms long.
Gold Three leg Crystal Stand for Spheres or Eggs. Suitable for spheres from 30mm up to 80mm. Perspex.
White Angel Wings Bowl, resin cast, great for giving crystals a home, or even holding a crystal ball
Sold Singly. Clear Acrylic Display Stand. Size: 16mm diameter, 6mm high. Suitable for small eggs and spheres
Large Chambered Pendulum, 42grams, 5.5cm long pendulum
Black Obsidian Mirror. ROUND shape. Approx 15cm's in diameter and 8mm thick. Used for Scrying, and...
Chambered Cone Pendulum, 16grams, 3.5cm long pendulum
Triangle Brass Pendulum Dowser  with Chain Bead and pouch
Brass Dowsing Rods or Divining Rods. Length  31cm. handle Length 13cm.
Satin Spar Selenite Crystal Ball. Size: Medium 70-80mm diameter. Stand not included
White Angel Wings Bowl, resin cast, Small - 6.5cm x 7.5cm. Sold Singly
Clear Acrylic Display Stand. Size: 33mm diameter at the base, 18mm diameter at the top. 17mm high. Suitable...