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Ask Your Guides Oracle cards by Sonia Choquette

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These are a fantastic set of cards, beautifully simple to use, the illustrations are contemporary yet easy on the eye. The accompanying mini book gives a clear (but brief) explanation of how to use the cards, giving the choice of picking one card, or three for a more in depth analysis. The interpretations are explained in a simple and clear manner, providing a wealth of guidance for all sorts of situations. Simple, accurate, and accessible to all who use them, highly recommended! 

The Ask Your Guides Oracle is a set of 52 cards based on the minor arcana of a Tarot deck. The psychic and intuitive cards are to help in navigating life's transitions and challenges, and for connecting with your personal spirit guide.

By Sonia Choquette 
Tarot Deck - 52 Cards
Published by Hay House