Crystal Meaning
Is said to aid in grounding and centering. Aragonite is also useful in overcoming illusions and help one to face truth and accept reality. Sputnik formations are said to link to the heart and womb.

Magical Use - Grounding, alleviates stress and anger, and enhances reliability.

Healing Use -Energy, activity, bones, digestion, skin (wrinkles), hair lose.

Physical Properties

Argonite is found in many different habits: small, elongate, prismatic crystals form in radiating groups, and concretions and stalactites are also common. The prismatic and elongated crystals formed by aragonite are often twinned. If intergrown, such twins may produce pseudo-hexagonal forms. It is found mainly in sedimentary and metamorphic environments, aragonite may form as tufa (porous rock). It has poor cleavage. It is usually transparent or translucent, and colourless or white when pure. Impurities may cause shades of yellow, blue, pink, or green to occur. Group CARBONATES , Composition CaCO3, Hardness 3.5-4.0, Crystal structure Orthorhombic