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Sacred Space

Meditation Cushions, Stools Stenza, Ting Sha Bells, Cymbals, Singing Bowls
Sold Singly - Window Sticker Sri Yantra as pictured 11.7cm wide
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Sound: Note B Crown Chakra, Note A Third Eye Chakra, Note G Throat Chakra, Note F Heart Chakra, Note E Solar Plexus, Note D Sacrel Chakra, Note C Root Chakra
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Contents of this set: 4 flat copper connecting parts (bottom) 1 connection part for the top, Allen key....
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White Angel Wings Bowl, resin cast, Small - 6.5cm x 7.5cm. Sold Singly
Tibetan Singing Bowl Gift Set, Bowl and Beater Set
Tree of Life Hanging Crystal
Stainless Steel Offering Bowl 8.75cm
Light Amethyst Angel Hanging Crystal, comes with short cord, Angel Size. 3cm x 3cm. Cord 11-13cm long....
Sold Singly - Window Sticker Rainbow Flower of Life as pictured 11.7cm wide
White Angel Wings Bowl, resin cast, great for giving crystals a home, or even holding a crystal ball
Tibetan Ting Sha Cymbals for Clearing and cleansing with Sound. 6cm wide
Sold Singly - Window Sticker Gold Flower of Life as pictured 11.7cm wide

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£499.99 £444.99