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Reoccurring Patterns are the theme represented by Sunstone. The Orange of sunstone taps into the centre and lower half of the navel chakra and exposes sensations, feelings attached to the subconscious that predetermine our reactions and habits. Some of the crystals are browner in colour; this only serves to draw even more from the subconscious mind, focusing on the residue of feelings and cycles buried even deeper. The darker the crystal the more it draws from the old, the lighter in colour the more it draws from the more recent. Good quality sunstone flickers with more colours; yellow, gold & white. These extra colours of course bring other frequencies into the equation which allows the user to see their patterns of behaviour, to transmute them. Certainly, sunstone is a transformation stone, as are most of the feldspars, sunstone is a Karma crystal as it affects the things we enjoy and attach too.  - It can help the user to release them selves from attachment to things, and people. A Sunstone Athame *(Ritualistic Knife) can be used to sever the auric connections between us and things we attach too, a Sunstone Sphere can be used to reveal patterns by means of scrying (Crystal Gazing), the same affect can be achieved by using a good quality Tumble stone. As an amulet it protects against leeches (people that would bleed you dry), or play on your weaknesses or kindness.  - The crystals association to the, also predetermines an association to the emotional body, and physical body, linking the crystal to flow of water in the body. This association coupled with the releasing of patterns and stored deposits means that it can be used in healing to release flow in the digestive system. The same effect of loosening the emotional connections and etheric body can be used to aid astral projection and dream work.  - The transmuting ability of any crystal is dependant on the user to understand the pattern being revealed and to take an active step towards effecting or accepting change. Nothing in this world will perform enlightenment on behalf of any user; the way to transmuting behaviour can only be shown. Therefore the mere wearing of sunstone can represent nothing more than a hedonistic outlook, personal pride, or embracing of enjoyment, where the user is allowing them self to enjoy more freely.    

Magical Use: Enjoyment, Pleasure, Pride, etheric body, Love, Luck, Romance,

Healing Use: Digestive System, Liver, Kidneys,

Sunstone Physical Properties Part of the Feldspar group which is common in the earths crust than any other minerals. When oligoclase forms crystals they are tabular and often twinned. But more often it forms massive, compact or granular habits. The variety used for jewellery is called sunstone, or sometimes aventurine feldspar. Sunstone occurs in metamorphic and igneous rocks. Colours range from white, grey, yellow, brown, red or colourless. It has reflective inclusions of red, orange or green platy crystals that give it its metallic glitter. Group SILICATES, Composition (Na,Ca)Al1-2Si3-2O8, Hardness 6.0-6.5, Crystal structure TRICLINIC.