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Crystal Meaning of Wavellite

I love this crystal, if you're serious about the self progression then this could be for you. Rare in the UK especially for good forming pieces. Wavellite works in a similar way to smithsonite, another one of my favourites. Whereas smithsonite draws energy in, back from the light body, Wavellite also draws backs energy but from the etheric body and then expands the auric field and by default expands awareness. Very good to use after using the Smithsonite. The crystal expands one field of vision and allows us to see more of situation and find the hidden elements, whereas most crystals will focus on one particular issue or nature this crystal is by nature uninhibited and allows for a unrestricted view. In addition this drawing from the etheric body, is an aid in general health recovery as it channels energy back to the physical body, but wavellite will distribute that energy evenly.

Melody comments on this crystal saying it allows one the see the whole picture, without distraction.

Healing use: Recovery, Good for enhancing energy flows, blood flows. Distributing energy evenly through the body.
Magical use: Insight, awareness, vivid dreams, mental strength, decision making with insight. use on new moon.

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