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Obsidian Crystal Meaning
Black Velvet its subtle male energies attract the spiritual adventures, it keeps energy well grounded, clears subconscious blocks and brings an experience and understanding of silence, detachment, wisdom and love. A powerful healer for those it recognises.

Your entrance into the void of unlimited potential, but to reach this potential your obstacles may need to be revealed and overcome. We are not promising magic, but emotional transformation, spiritual levity, via lucid dreaming astral, and etheric projection, exploring the subconscious and removing stagnant energy blockages. Each journey is a lesson and you should approach that lesson with love and humility. Recommend to be used with Rose Quartz

Magical Uses: Divination, grounding, peace, protection, scrying, mirror magic.

Healing Uses: Stomach, intestines. Grief

Obsidian Physical Properties Obsidian_Silver_Sheen
Obsidian is a natural glass ( a silica rich volcanic rock), with glass as its main component. It is sometimes defined as being a glassy volcanic rock, with less than 1 per cent water content in its structure. It is formed from volcanic lava that cooled to quickly for significant crystallisation to occur. Hence it is amorphous, with no cleavage; fracture is conchoidal. Colours: Obsidian is usually black, but brown, grey and more rarely red, blue and green material is found. The colour may be uniform, striped or spotted. It may contain rare phenocrystals of quartz and feldspar. Some inclusion give obsidian a metallic sheen, while internal bubbles or crystals produce a snowflake effect (hence snowflake obsidian) or an iridescence seen in flashes of colour (Rainbow Obsidian). Group IGENOUS, Composition Mainly SiO2, Hardness 5.0, Crystal structure AMORPHOUS.