A-Z of Crystals

Welcome to Shamans Affiliates 

At Shamans Crystal, we have two different affiliate programs, one for customers and one for professional affiliate marketers.

So if you are looking for a simple way to add to your customer reward points or start a commercial affiliate relationship, we can accommodate you.

So what is an Affiliate Program? 

Simply put, recommend us and earn a commission. Cash or Reward Points!

How does it work? 

Join our affiliate program and you get access to special links that you can share. 

Each link has your affiliate unique code in it, once that link is clicked our shop tracks and records purchases on our store made via that link.

In your account area, you can see your progress via the links you have shared and the sales and commissions achieved.

Customer Affiliate Program 

Simple and easy. All you do is share links with your affiliate code and every sales earns you points.

Those points are redeemable for goods in the shop.  Every registered customer has access to the Customer Affiliate Program via their account area and no approval is required. 

This is recommended for light affiliate users as the benefits are easily obtainable. No minimum payouts required.

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Affiliate Pro Program

The Affiliate Pro allows for a commercial relationship, which means cash, not points.

Our Pro system has more options available to you too, so not only can you share links in the same way as the customer program, but also you can add graphic banners, text banners, and product banners. There is a minimum payment threshold of £50.00.

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