A-Z of Crystals

Our Customer Affiliate program, allows any of our customer’s, to add to their reward points by sharing links to our site, to their friends, family to earn a commission

Not only will you earn reward points on your purchases, but you can also earn reward points on their purchases too. In addition, for every new customer you get, you get bonus to your rewards account. All these points can be redeemed in your account, against any items in the shop.

For more information go to your account, and click on affiliate

Best Links to Share?

You can share any page you like, any product, category, the promotions page, or even the oracle function.

Our suggestion, is to share the Promotions page, as it presents any general coupons that may be in play, as well as offers, and shipping promotions.

Alternatively you can share the Home Page, which provides a good overview to new visitors.

Just make sure, your affiliate ID is on the link you share. details are waiting in your account.