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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 25cm

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XCXPhi-Toned B
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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 25cm, select the Note you require from the options. 

Crystal singing bowls

These are newly made crystal singing bowls, beautifully crafted, with wonderful, powerful sounds. Our crystal singing bowls are made of pure powdered quartz crystals which are heated to several thousand degrees. The heating integrates the individual particles of the quartz powder and a bowl is formed. They are then individually tuned to a specific musical note.

432 Hertz (Hz)

Sound and music consist in vibrations. The higher the number of vibrations per second, the higher the tone. The unit for this is the Hertz (Hz). 432 Hz is the natural "tone pitch" of the universe. That tone is intertwined in nature, in mathematics, in planetary orbits, in the entire universe. All classical music by Bach, Brahms and so on, was composed and was originally performed using the 'standard' A (=A4) on 432Hz.

Use: To Use, a Beater is held against above the bowl and placed on the outside edge. Then using a circular motion of the wrist, the beater is moved around the outside edge of the bowl. Rhythmic pressure ensures a constant vibration, the vibration produces the tone.


Note B Crown Chakra

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