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Sacred Space

Meditation Cushions, Stools Stenza, Ting Sha Bells, Cymbals, Singing Bowls
Sold Singly - Window Sticker Purple Flower of Life as pictured 11.7cm wide
One pair of Finger Cymbals 5.5cm wide
Purple Ompmh Meditation Cushion, 33cm x 13 cm, cotton
Resin Cast, Red Thai Buddha Ornament, 20cm Tall
Flower Of Life Fridge Magnet 4cm wide, Made from Polyresin 
Mother Earth Incense Burner 24cm Tall, resin cast to high detail
Sold Singly - Window Sticker Gold Flower of Life as pictured 11.7cm wide
Feng Shui Flower Of Life pendant decoration hanging crystal
Boxed Naval Chakra Singing Bowl Set, with Bowl, Beater and cushion
Case for Tibetan Ting Sha Cymbals, case is 7.5cm wide
3" Inch Diameter, Genuine Native American dream Catcher.
Wooden Stick Beater with Suede. 19cm long. For use with Tibetan Singing Bowl. Suede colour does vary. 

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