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Flower Of Life Selenite Plate 10cm

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Etched Flower of Life Selenite Crystal Grid Plate 10cm.

Size: 10cm diameter x 1.3cm thick.

Ornamental Selenite Plate with the sacred geometry pattern of the Flower of Life etched on the surface. Can be used as part of focused grid work. The Flower of Life is often used for manifestation of ones goals. Selenite can also be used as white light charging plate too, to help energise your gems. 

Another suggested is to lay your gems on this plate under a full moon, let the plate soak up the moonlight and continue to energise your gems or your intentions. 

Please note the Lapis stones, shown here are NOT included.

Crystal Meaning: Selenite is the Rejuvenator, helps with relief of stress and enhances willpower. Tissue repair, and fast pain relief. Can be used on auric arcs too to clear and cut in a ritual, releasing one form the connections to people or events past. Often used in relationships to heal a rift, and allow a more peaceable end.

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Abundance Grid

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