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Crystal Meaning - The Rejuvenator, helps with relief of stress and enhances will power. Tissue repair, and fast pain relief. Can be used on auric arcs too to clear and cut in a ritual, releasing one form the connections to people or events past. Often used in relationships to heal a rift, and allow more peaceable end.
Magical Use -Meditation, clarity of the mind, physical energy, opening and clearing of the upper chakras.
Healing Use -Fertility, sex drive, skin, regeneration of tissues and muscular flexibility.
Physical Properties
Selenite is a crystal form of gypsum. It occurs as either natural colourless clear crystals, needle like crystals or white tabular crystals. Selenite denotes the clear crystal variety that is less common. Selenite is the natural version of fiber optics. Crystals form in strange shapes often called Angel-wings or Fish-Bones. Selenite is also referred to as Gypsum and Alabaster.

  • Selenite-Desert Rose: (colour-Beige, white)
  • Selenite-Hour Glass: (colour-Clear, orange)
  • Selenite-Phantom: (colour-Clear and tan).

Selenite occurs in massive, granular habits, the streak is white and it is transparent to opaque with a vitreous lustre. Group SULPHATES, Composition (CaSo4)2H2O, Hardness 2.0, Crystal structure MONOCLINIC.