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Copper Connectors for Copper Pyramid

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Tubes are NOT supplied - To be bought by yourself according to the pyramid size you wish: copper or galvanised metal pipes (15-16 mms in diameter), available in do-it-yourself shops.

Contents of this set:

  • 4 flat copper connecting parts (bottom)
  • 1 connection part for the top
  • Allen key
  • Compass.
  • Instructions for several sizes of pyramids: 18,4 / 30,5 / 76,2 / 112 or 193 cm and even larger

Meditation pyramid, height 193 cms:  Materials needed: 4 pipes of 304.8 cm for the square base, and 4 pipes of 287 cm for the edges.  Indoor pyramid, height 112 cm: Materials needed: 4 pipes of 177.8 cm for the square base, and 4 pipes of 170.2 cm for the edges. Smaller pyramids: you can construct several sizes; you only need different lengths of pipes, which you simply may change in a few minutes. One side of the pyramid can be oriented direction true North, which you can easily do with the compass.  

Meditation pyramids Research has shown that the quality of a meditation will change when meditating in a pyramid sized like the Great Pyramid of Giza, oriented North/South. A deeper dimension will be tapped by the spiritual seeker, which can be compared with other meditation aids, like mantras, posture, breathing, incense, crystals, amulets and such. Notably, practitioners of Transcendental Meditation have experimented a lot with this kind of meditating in an open pyramid model.

From thousands of reactions, invariably the following experiences have been reported: - “electrical” tingling, - feelings of warmth and releasing of tensions, - more active dreaming and coloured experiences, - feelings of weightlessness and special consciousness, - deeper meditation and a change in time experience

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