A-Z of Crystals


Native Copper

Meaning of Copper

Crystal Meaning  - Copper is said to give vitality and energy, it can amplify the thoughts and feelings of the wearer. Creates awareness of the self and balance.

Magical Use -Energy direction, healing, luck, love, protection and money.

Healing Use - Vitality and purification of the blood vitality and energy for the muscles and if worn close to the skin assist arthritis, rheumatism and inflammations.

Physical Properties - Copper is an element that rarely forms crystals; but when it does they are cubes, octahedral, or dodecahedra. Its usual habits are dendritic and massive, it can also form in wires. Copper forms mainly in areas where veins containing copper sulphides have been altered. Copper's colour is a unique softly reflective brown red to deep brick red. Exposure to Oxygen causes Copper to tarnish and turn a Teal Green. The streak is copper-red, and it is an opaque mineral with a metallic lustre. Group NATIVE ELEMENT, Composition Cu, Hardness 2.5-3.0, Crystal structure RARE, usually it is found without structure. 

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