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Copper Pyramid with Base

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Available in 3 sizes, prices start at the above for the small option. All at 52 degree angle.

Note : **Delivery of the Larger is estimated at one wek

  • 12cm wide x 7cm tall, 
  • 17cm x 11.5cm tall
  • 22cm x 14.5cm Tall.**

Hand made Solid Copper pyramid, proportions are a mini replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Each side is panel is open. Pyramid can be lifted off of its wooden base easily.The wooden base is bevelled to house the sides of the copper pyramid. In the centre of the base sits a copper, activated, Sri Yantra symbol. The base and the Sri Yantra can be used with the pyramid or its own to charge or empower.

The Power of the Pyramids - Pyramids thought to have tremendous cleansing and energising properties. Concentrating all energy into the very center and opening door ways through the elemental realms, past the void through to arkasha; Universal Amplifiers of essence and thought. Objects placed in a pyramid are cleansed and energized through this process. Thoughts, written with emotional content - can also be placed in a pyramid to enhance an objective.

Product includes the Copper Pyramid, the Sri Yanta Base, and a set of instructions, which are as per our Pyramid Power Page

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