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Over 140 Tumble Stones Crystals

Tumble Stones Healing crystals and stones, polished into smooth crystals. There are over 140 types here in Our Main Tumble Stones Section, Sold Singly mostly but some in Packs. Sizes in this Category range roughly 2cm-2.5cm.

Tumbled Rose Quartz Crystals. Size 2.5-3cm. Sold Singly.
Size circa 2 - 2.5cm. Sold Singly
Malachite Tumble Stone Crystals. Size 2.5-3cm.. Sold Singly.
Blue Calcite Tumble Stones, Sold Singly. Size 2-2.5cm approx
Gold Tiger Eye Tumble Stones, Size 2cm - 2.5cm, Sold Singly
White Agate Chalcedony Tumble Stones, size 2-3cm, Sold Singly
Sold in packs and singly, Size 2-2.5cm. Sold Singly.
Sugilite Crystals. 10-15mm long,  Sold Singly.
Yellow Jasper Tumble Stones, size 2cm - 2.5cm, Sold Singly
Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Crystals. Sold Singly. Size. 2-2.5cm
Size 2-2.5cm, Sold Singly. B2 = Batch 2
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones Crystals, Size, 2-2.5cm. Sold Singly