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Runes Stone Sets

Gemstone Crystal Runes sets. The Wisdom of Odin, Gained from his trial upon the Yew Tree, where he glanced down and saw through the broken twigs and branches, a pattern of the Universe. The Pattern was the Tree of Knowledge and the elements of that tree were the runes. The Runes are one of the most direct forms of Divination, No Non sense, from a time where to where people lived the way of the warrior and if they died well, Valhalla awaited Where the Brave may Live Forever.
Wood Rune Stone Set, engraved and inlaid with gold colored lettering.
Carnelian Rune Set. Carnelian Crystals with Rune symbols.
Lapis Lazuli  Crystal Rune set, engraved runes complete with Pouch and Instructions.
Labradorite Crystal Rune set. Engraved with Rune symbols. Pouch and Instructions Included.
Clear Quartz Rune Stone Set. Includes all runes and ....
Tiger Eye Runes Set. Engraved and sealed. Includes
Rose Quartz crystals with Rune symbols, comes pouch and Instructions Leaflet.
Amethyst Rune Stone Set. Comes with....