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Pendulum Dowsing

Here you can find & buy Crystal Pendulums, Dowsers, Brass Pendulums, Crystal Pendulum Sets & Books. All Crystal & Brass Pendulums come with a Pouch Included.
The first time I used a Crystal Pendulum I expected nothing. However I was surprised when it worked! Like so much here, it works on the electro-magnetic currents of the user.

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Scolecite Dowsing Pendulum, Silver Mounted, the droplet is 4.3 cms long.
Chambered Cone Pendulum, 16grams, 3.5cm long pendulum
Large Chambered Pendulum, 42grams, 5.5cm long pendulum
Triangle Brass Pendulum Dowser  with Chain Bead and pouch
Brass Dowsing Rods or Divining Rods. Length  31cm. handle Length 13cm.
Rose Quartz Dowsing Pendulum with pouch
Lapis Lazuli Dowsing Crystal Pendulum with Pouch.
Silver Plated Pendulum Chain. 9" long. 
Smoky Quartz Dowsing Pendulum.  Complete with Pouch
Chrome Pendulum. 17grams in weight. Chain Length 15-16cm. Pendulum size 2.7cm long
Chakra Crystal Discs Dowsing Pendulum, size 4.5cm long with chain of 16cm.
Sodalite Dowsing Crystal Pendulum with Pouch.