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Lapis Lazuli Double Terminated Pendant

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Double terminated lapis lazuli crystal pendant, silver mounted. crystal size 35mm x 6mm

Metaphysical Description
Night Star. The best psychic stone; not only inspiring but also mentally balancing, therefore proactive whilst in a psychic state. The deep blue eases the mind and relaxes it allowing for deeper mental states allowing the subconscious to flow. The flicks of gold / silver colouring spark intuition connecting the subconscious to the higher self. The stone is considered to be lucky, mainly because of the association between mind, subconscious and higher self which allows for a greater connection between all. The stone is also assigned to Zeus, Jupiter, and the Kabalalic Sephiroth of Chesed which represent the right of passage for intension in magical use. If the intension is in line with the higher self then it passes, if not then the intension is sent back with the required lessons for the intension to pass; hence the lightning bolt of Zeus.

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