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Crystal Jewellery Pendant Shapes

Crystal Jewellery Pendants Shapes, Pear Drops, Shields, Spheres.

Blue Lace Agate Pendant mounted in Sterling Silver, Size 4cm long approx
Amethyst Flower Of Life Pendant
Black Tourmaline pendant, 925 Sterling silver mounted. Pendant size 4.3cm circa. tip to toe
Silver Plated - Amethyst Eye of Horus Pendant, size 4cm tall x 3.7cm wide
Rose Quartz Crystal Shaped into a Heart, and mounted with a silver ring. Size....
Sold Singly - Round Bloodstone Tumble stone Pendant, Pendant is circa 3cm tall.
Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant, 6 sided, Silver mounted 60mm x 12mm
Rose Quartz Heart Pendant with Cord, The Pendant is 3cm wide x 3cm high 6mm thick. Drilled and mounted with...
Double terminated Malachite crystal pendant Silver mounted. crystal size 35mm x 6mm
Silver Plated Coil Mount, Round an Agate Tumble stone Pendant, comes with Cotton Cord and Velvet pouch....
Pendant Mounted in 925 Silver, Size 45mm x 6mm, Sold Singly.
Howlite Heart Pendant mounted in sterling silver. Size 2.5cm x 2.5cm, approx.