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Crystals in Gift Boxes

Premium Selected Crystals and Minerals. 

Each Piece Selected for Quality and boxed for gift giving. Packaging may vary, however Gold Boxes are the Standard we are moving too. 99% of the Time Gold Boxes is what to expect. Specimen Boxes however are NOT gold, but the Clear boxes shown on the product concerned. 

Natural uncut Emerald Crystals. Natural Emeralds Average size 10-12mm x 5mm x 5mm. Sold Singly
Purple Quartz Geodes from Morocco. 3-4 inches diameter, Sold as Single Geode, which is the 2 halves of the...
Genuine Real Moldavite from Czech Republic, Small Moldavite Pieces. Average size 1-2cm. Sold Singly.
White Quartz Geodes from Morocco. 4 inches diameter, Sold as Single Geode, which is the 2 halves of the Geode.
Sold Singly - Boxed Libyan Gold Tektite Specimens, size circa 1-5-2cm by 0.5cm thick on average,
New York Herkimer Diamonds, Sold Singly. Size approx 1cm
Sold Singly , Geniune Natural Freshwater Pearls. Average Size: 1.2cm x 1cm, Sizes vary. Pearl White
Quartz Crystal Clusters, each one presented in  gift box. Approx 7-8cm long. Sold Singly
pure zircon size approx 1cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm, colour reddish brown, sold singly
Natural Blue Sapphires Crystals Sold Singly approx size: 7-12mm
Natural Chromian Diopside Crystals, Sold Singly approx size: 1-1.5cm
White selenite crystal eggs, 6cm x 4cm approx, sold singly