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Vesuvianite, also known as idocrase & Vasonite. Crystal Meaning: A crystal of clear personal expression, promoting commitment to ones true natures by clearing negative thoughts relating to behaviours. Dispels anger, depression, and fear. Facilitates a sense of self security and courage. Can be used to clear the mind of the trivial. Balances emotions and sexuality, stimulates creativity and intuition. In periods of change it provides insights of possible options. Stimulates analytical thinking, problem solving.

Healing uses include: viral disorders, bacterial infections, posture, bones. Vibrates to the number 4.

Physical Crystal Properties Vesuvianite; also known as idocrase and Vasonite colours green, brown, yellow, or blue silicate mineral. Vesuvianite occurs as tetragonal crystals in skarn deposits and limestones that have been subjected to contact metamorphism. It was first discovered within included blocks or adjacent to lavas on Mount Vesuvius, hence its name. Colours: Yellow, green, brown - rarely blue or red. Habit: Massive to columnar. Crystal system: Tetragonal. Hardness 6.5. Composition: Calcium Magnesium Iron Aluminium Silicate Hydroxide.