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Perfect Clear Crystal Balls

Clear Crystal Balls

Clear crystal balls have been used for divination and scrying practices for centuries. The art of divination involves seeking knowledge or insights into the past, present, or future through various methods, and scrying is a specific form of divination that involves gazing into a reflective or translucent surface to gain insights.

In the case of clear crystal balls, the process of divination typically involves a practitioner, often called a scryer, using the crystal ball as a focal point to enter a state of heightened awareness or altered consciousness. The scryer then gazes into the crystal ball, allowing their mind to open up to symbols, images, or impressions that may come to them during the process.

The belief is that the crystal ball acts as a medium or conduit that can help the scryer access their intuitive or psychic abilities, allowing them to receive information beyond the ordinary sensory perception

Different tools can be used for the purpose of Crystal Ball Gazing from Perfectly Clear Spheres, to completely black mirrors.

Regarding Spheres there are three classes of object usually considered;

1: Optical Glass

2: Pure Quartz

The benefits of Optical Glass spheres , is that you can ensure a user has an affordable, perfectly formed object for the purpose. By contrast, genuine quartz crystals, which we also provide, are extremely difficult to obtain in any size while remaining perfectly clear. In fact quartz crystal are so rich in internal structure, that they usually contain may fractals and fissures which make scrying for the beginner very difficult. Beautiful but not great for beginners to sry with. 

Good Crystal Balls are tricky things to make and are made from high-quality optical glass. Because the ball must be flawless many have to be discarded after production. The larger the ball the more likely a flaw can develop, hence the larger sizes are disproportionately more expensive.

Spheres are available in many sizes, from 40mm wide to upto 150mm wide.  Use the Images below to find the sphere that best suits you.

Clear Crystal Balls         Quartz Crystal Balls