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Pentagram Tarot Bag (Gold)

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Pentagram Design Tarot Bag, with Gold Pentagram and Gold In Lay. Bag Size 16cm across the bottom and 22.5 cm from top to bottom. The Pentagram is a very old symbol, dating back to the court of King Solomon.

The Pentagram was one of the original seals of Solomon, and can be found in every western faith. The Pentagram represents the five elements of course, but it also and more aptly represents the phases of the planet Venus. The Five points are the five yearly risings of Venus around the earth. the full cycle of Venus around the planet represents the cycle of creation, continuing and ever present in our lives. As such the pentagram and the knowledge of the pentagram represents our connection to this continuing creative cycle. In addition, the Pentagram is also used in every pagan ritual of the purpose of protection (Banning ritual of the Pentagram) to invocation of the elements and Venus herself.