Crystals for the element of spirit


The Element of Spirit, Ether, Arkasha,
Crystals: Clear Quartz, Danburite, Petalite, Spodumene, Amethyst,
Sacred Geometric Shape: Dodecahedron, 12 sided Merkaba Star.
Motive: To Go, To Journey,
Tarot Card: “The Fool”, through the Complete Major Arcana
Shamanic Direction: Central (Within/Without)
Time: All Time, timeless
Season: All Seasons, All Movement, Perpetual Motion
Colours: White, White Gold, Purple, Violet
Concepts: Divine Will, Harmony, Evolution, Life Force, Transcendence, Sixth Sense, Transformation Continue to Spirit
Planet: Sun.

Position to Other Elements

Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit

Elemental Crystal Sets

Platonic Solids - Named After Plato who first considered them. In Geometry there are only five perfect, regular solid polygons - Sacred Geometric Shapes. These five geometric shapes represent a recurring pattern throughout creation, and as such represent a blue print for creation and growth. The same shapes also represent the basic structures behind crystal formations. Such shapes are sacred geometry, appearing universally each providing its own teachings for growth and connection towards a purpose.

* The Cube - Earth,
* Tetrahedron - Fire,
* The Octahedron - Air,
* The Icosahedron - Water
* Dodecahedron - Ether - And Heavens

These crystals can be used in mediation, chakra clearing, chakra balancing, dream work and ritual. Intuitively hold each shaped and ask higher self to translate the geometric shape into a thought, or to represent an energy dynamic. Once understood each structure can be harnessed and used accordingly. Working with basic formations provides a good basis for adapting the same work to natural crystal structures with more knowledge.

Merkaba Star

Star4_sThis Merkaba is 12 pointed. There are 3, four pointed 3D Pyramids inserted over eachover which has a few mystical references.
One Pyramid facing upward equals the element of Air (thought) the other pyramid facing down equals the element of Water (emotion). Inserted together equals thought balance with emotion, the mind and heart in balance. As a 3 dimensional pyramid equals manifestation, meaning that the balance is actual. The same attributes are given to the Star of David, one of the seals of Solomon. The 12 pointed murkaba is also strongly assoicated to the light body, and aids in the development of the light body. Other References to the kabbalah and uniting of the worlds.

Manifestation Process of Energy Through the Elements.


Stages of Elemental Manifestation

1: Sending energy up into Spirit, for spirit to perform the manifestation process. This is akin to making a wish and if spirit agrees with the wish then it pass to the next phases. If not then watch out, for the sparks that would ignite creation will still be ignited only they will flow back the way they came and bring with them the reason why the wish was not granted. As we are living on the plane of action, then the lesson will take a physical form. The key is to become the nature of the element you wish to enter.
2. The universe gives birth.
3. The moulding of the principle elements of composition. Fire and Water. This is an active birth that the user takes part in.
4. Form and Breath. The air is used to cool the creation into physical being. The nature of the air used at this time will provide the nature of the creations thought. Best to be kind and loving throughout, the best information I can give on this aspect is; focus on being the right kind of energy to connect to the spirit level. We can only enter if are of a similar energy, Anger, Hate, Selfishness, The Pursuit of Power for the sake of power will only bring down the lighting strike. It takes both considerable personal power and considerable employment of grace to achieve the connection. Listen all the way through the process, and let you instincts be your guide.
No Further instructions are given, the user must tap into their own divine source and trust.