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MuscoviteMicaCrystal Meaning - Products Below

Mica, good for self reflection allowing one to understand the flaws of society whilst remaining detached. In addition it allows for greater detail to be understood, hence its good to use when attaining visions, or to promote vivid dreaming.

Muscovite also focuses well on the heart and acts like a beacon pulsating release, to the many connections one has to insecurity and doubt. It also promoted a recognition of lessons learnt from the past, and so aids in forward looking optimism. Provides a more immediate connection to ones emotional centre promoting self expression. Can be used for allergies, blood sugar levels.  Vibrates to the number 1. 

Part of the Mica Group. The most common of the Mica Group minerals, Muscovite it is typically found as massively crystalline material in "books" or in flaky grains as a constituent of many rock types. It can be clear with a pearly appearance.  System: Monoclinic Colour: White to colorless, Hardness: 2.

The name was first used in 1850 by Dana and is derived from the term "Muscovy glass," which was in common use at that time; it is in reference to the Muscovy Province in Russia.


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