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Rock Salt

Rock-Salt_1 Crystal Information - Products Below 

Rock Salt Properties - Rock Salt Crystals have been laboratory proven to benefit health through improved air quality and so may benefit breathing, sleeping, asthma & stress. When warmed the salt saturates the air with emitted negative ions, thus reducing the amount of positive ions produced from today’s computers and many electrical appliances. This saturation of negative ions rejuvenates the air we breathe and our bodies.  As the lamps cool down they draw in moisture from the atmosphere into the lamp; metaphysically the lamp is cleansing the ether, pulling the emotional layer of the environment into the salt lamp and cleansing it. As users of these lamps we would like to add that we love the subtle light and relaxing atmosphere that these lights create, the atmosphere feels more relaxing and less charged.


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Clear Hailite Crystals

Clear Hailite Crystals

Natural Hailite Crystals, Clear available in different sizes,
In Stock
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Natural Rock Salt Crystal Lamp 2-4KG

Natural Rock Salt Crystal Lamp 2-4KG

Perfect for Relaxation, Reduces + Electrical Ions, Reduces Air Moisture, Improves Air Quality, Produces Soothing Lights
In Stock
Rock Salt T-Lite Holder

Rock Salt T-Lite Holder

RRP: £7.99
Saving: £2 (25%)
Himalayan Rock Salt Tea Light,
In Stock
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