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Apache Tears


Crystal Information - Products Below

Crystal Meaning - Black Velvet, its subtle male energies attract the spiritual adventures, it keeps energy well grounded, clears subconscious blocks and brings an experience and understanding of silence, detachment, wisdom and love. A powerful healer for those it recognises, not to be used unconsciously. For the The Legend of the Apache Tear Click here

Magical Uses -Divination, grounding, peace, protection, scrying, mirror magic. Healing Uses - Stomach, intestines.

Note! Real Apache Tears, its not enough for the stone to be just translucent smoky looking obsidian! The stone needs to be a naturally forming nugget and originate from Arizona, otherwise its just obsidian which comes in many forms and from many places!!

Physical Properties - Apache Tears are a type of Obsidian, a natural glass which is found only in Arizona as naturally occurring Obsidian nuggets, often nested in a pearly white matrix called Pearlite. Obsidian can be found in many other locations and with many patterns and even colours, but none of those other types are Apache tears. An Apache Tear needs to originate from the area the Apache lived and from where the legend of the Apache tear came from. Otherwise, its just Obsidian!


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Natural Apache Tears Crystals

Natural Apache Tears Crystals

RRP: £2.40
Saving: £0.41 (17%)
Real Natural Apache Tears Obsidian crystals. Sold Singly
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