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Tourmaline - Watermelon

Watermelon Tourmaline

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Its primary focus is on the heart, the green and pink make up both of the colours of the heart chakra, and of course like all tourmaline's its linked to the inner flute and therefore to all main chakras. Its primary focus allows the user to understand and transmute deeper levels of knots within the heart. Taking energy from all of the centres and revealing them to the higher ones for understanding, whilst compelling the heart to accept the need for transformation of the lower self.
Crystal Meaning
Tourmaline_Bi_ColorKnown as the Aquarian, it's believed to be the crystals of New Age Consciousness. Which in more acceptable terms equates people actually interested in improving themselves both in this life as well preparing for the next! It has a strong influence in creating a positive mental state therefore allowing the user to delve deeper into the unconscious to dispel fear and negativity. A powerful healer of mental disorders. Suitable for healers and self workers of all walks.

Physical characteristics
Prismatic crystals formed mostly vertically & striated. It forms in granites and pegmatites, as well as metamorphic rocks, it may be found near Beryl, Zircon, Quartz and Feldspar. Tourmaline occurs in Black, Green, Red Rubellite, Blue and Watermelon. Group SILICATES, Hardness 7-7.5.