Golden Imperial Topaz

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Topaz Crystal Meaning - The Abundant One this stone is soothing, peaceful, tranquillising, gives a creativity and self-expression that will co-operate with your higher self. Topaz is a power stone for attracting prosperity due to the flow of both positive and receiving currents through the crystals tips and faces. 

  • Blue Topaz: Artistic growth, concentration, psychic development.
  • Golden Imperial Topaz: Psychic development, stress relief.

Magical Use: Psychic abilities, calms emotions, precognition, health/healing, love, money, meditation.
Healing Use: Detoxifies the body, warms, awakes, inspires an abundance of health by giving powerful assistance to tissue regeneration and strengthens almost every and all organs and glands.

Topaz Physical Properties - Topaz is an aluminium fluorosilicate. It often occurs colourless, but can occur naturally in a variety of colours; pale blue, yellow and brown. Much more rare are natural colour 'Imperial' topazes with orange, pink, red or violet tones. The colours in topaz are mainly the result of colour centres, which are sometimes affected to some extent by variations in the amounts of F,OH and minor impurities present, with the exception of the pink, red and violet tones in some topaz which are due to chromium impurities in the topaz crystal structure. Topaz is transparent to translucent, has a vitreous lustre and the streak is white. This mineral occurs as well formed prismatic crystals; topaz can also form in massive, granular, and columnar habits. It forms most often in pegmatites Group SILICATES, Composition Al2SiO4(F,OH)2, Hardness 8.0, Crystal structure ORTHORHOMBIC.