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Sodalite Crystal Meaning
Sodalite is attributed to the Throat or Brow Chakra, depending on the source of information. We see the crystal as the outer frequency of the Throat chakra, where the link to the brow begins so we understand the other reference. The crystal calms the mind and eases communication. The blue of the crystal installs confidence of thought and self expression allowing flow more easily. The expression is not limited to speech and can include the artistic, physical and psychic expression. The crystal calms the mind, clears fears, removes doubt and ends thought circles, releasing the mind from its self. It can aid sleep, meditation & writing. The Crystal also provides access to deeper levels of thought as it helps the mind probe the heart and nurture emotional pains. If used in connection with a navel chakra crystal such as sunstone, then the effect can greatly increase physical, spiritual expressions such as; Dance, Yoga, Tantra, and Sky Dancing.
Magical Use: Meditation, Mediumistic, Anti Fear / worry, spiritual healing, Trust,
Healing use: Lymphatic system, Metabolic System, Stress, Anti Deficit Disorder
Sodalite Physical Properties
Sodalite's name is in reference to its high sodium content. A member of the feldspathoid group; chemically similar to the feldspars but forming in alkali-rich silica- poor melts. This mineral occurs as dodecahedral crystals often twinned. It can often form as masses or granular habits, usually it is found in igneous rocks as masses. It is a major constituent of lapis lazuli, and the two are easily confused. Colour ranges from a light to a dark blue, but it may also be white, colourless, yellow, green or red. The streak is colourless and the lustre is vitreous to greasy. Group SILICATES, Composition Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2, Hardness 5.5-6.0, Crystal structure CUBIC.