Shaman Stones

Shaman Stones

Shaman Stones

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Shaman Stones Also Known as "Moqui Balls", "Moqui Marbles" or "Thunderballs".


Found mostly in the Navajo Sandstone Area in the state of Utah, USA. They have been used for centuries by Shamans and other mystics and have been considered sacred by the elders and 

Shamans of ancient tribes, Shaman stones were used in rituals to contact extra-terrestrials, vision quests and astral journeys. These stones are said to fold energy fields, creating portals to other dimensions. They take the Male and female energies, circulate them and then fold them into the earth star chakra. 

Although they appear similar to Boji stones, are the effects are very different. Shaman Stones merge the poles of the energy field rather than balance a flow of male and female. They also realign the energy centres, relieve energy blockages, stimulate Chi energy, centre and protect and act as a connector to the Earth's energies.

Composition - Compacted Sandstone with Hematite Iron Shell Case