Orthoceras Fossil Ornamental #1

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One Off! Orthoceras Fossil from Morocco. Free standing Size 21cm tall x 14.5cm wide. The base is made flat to allow the fossil to stand.

There is only One so you get the one you see! 

Orthoceras are Fossilised water creatures from around 350 million years ago.

Fossils are thought to assist in past life understanding, as life locked in material history a shaman can use them to flow back through time. Personally i just like them. I find them naturally pleasing and calming.

Orthoceras are fossils of a now extinct marine creatures. Orthoceras were relatives of squid, octopus and chambered nautilus which had remained almost unchanged for 400 million years. Orthoceras   were common around 350 million years ago. Orthoceras moved using a form of jet propulsion by squirting water from their bodies.
Here these creatures are preserved as fossils, orthoceras occur in large numbers especially in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.