Small Herkimer Diamonds, Sold Singly 5mm

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New York Herkimer Diamonds, Sold Singly. Size approx 5mm

Known as the harvester because of its ability to draw out toxins, it has similar qualities to quartz. A powerful amplifier when used by healers. Enhances inner visions and increases dream awareness. The herkimer is used as an attunement stone in the Melody Method, to attune the healer and the subject to each other. Herkimers dispel darkness and encourage the circulation of white light. The herkimer also corresponds to the Earth Star Chakra Point. A not so talked about chakra point but one of the most important for light workers. The Earth Star is located approx 18 inches below the feet, and represents grounded channeled energy. It is essential to enhance this energy point of all transformational and magical work too. The earth stars the light we have brought to earth from Arkasha.