Fire and Ice Quartz Point #48

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One off - Fire and Ice Quartz Crystal Point. 78grm, 6.3cm tall x 3.2cm

AKA Polished Rainbow Crackle Quartz

One off - You Get the One You See

High Quality polished Quartz Crystal from Brazil. These crystal points have multiple internal fractures. The fractures help to create rainbows inside the crystal.  Free Standing & Visually stunning. Images provided show the different sides of the crystal. Depending on the light, rainbows can be seen inside the crystal.

Note On Crackle Quartz. Crackle Quartz is the result of a process imposed on the crystal. A natural high quality crystal has been exposed to thermo shock, which has increased the internal fractures, resulting in a stunning visual appearance and many rainbows, creating a stunning display crystal. This process is a manual replication of a natural process, but exaggerated and more dramatic.

There is only one, so you get what you see.

For More information on Quartz use the link below.