Amethyst Geode Cluster Specimen No.G10

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One off - Natural Brazilian Amethyst Geode Cluster, 33cm tall , 4.55kilos

One off - You get the one you see here.

This Crystal is part of a geode, the cut sides which surround the face of the crystal have been polished. The Crystal can be easily lifted off the stand you see here. Once off the crystal can placed as a traditional crystal bed.

Off the stand the crystal measures 28cm tall x 15cm wide x 8.5cm deep.

A Geode is a self contained cave of crystals, in this case Amethyst  crystals. The geode is formed from a spewed gas ball propelled from volcano which has then cooled and formed a hard out coating. The inside is partly hollow and will house many crystals that formed from the minerals and gases.