Black Tourmaline with Moldavite Pendant #P30

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One Off - Black Tourmaline with Moldavite Pendant, wrapped in 925 Silver

Pendant Size 4.5cm tip to toe. 2.2cm wide.  This Tourmaline has tiny quartz crystals on the face too.

Comes with C.O.A.  supplied by us. Origin - Moldau Valley in Czech Republic. Legally Hand Extracted from deposit on private land.The Black Tourmaline is Brazilian in Origin.

The some pictures are taken on a light box, so as to reveal the colour and structure of the crystal. When the pendant is actually against your skin the gem will of course be darker.  The Mount is hand made from 925 silver, and the frame of the mount allows for the light to pass through the back of the gemstone.  The pendant comes with cord and boxed. 

The combination of Tourmaline and Moladvite, is both grounding, protective, and elevating.

One off, You get the one your looking at. 

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