Polished Auralite Crystal Wand No1

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One off - Polished Auralite Crystal Wand, size 10.5cm long x 1.8cm wide

One Off - You get the one you see here! 

Auralite 23 Crystals, are about 1.2 Billion Years old, having being formed during the Meso-proterozoic age, at the time, when multicellular creatures, first emerged and began to flourish.

It has been said, that Meteoric impacts during this time, brought rare metallic ores to the surface, where they eventually dissolves and were incorporated into the structure of the growing Amethyst Crystal, now called Auralite.

The crystal iteself carries 35 elements and in each crystal, there is at least 17 of these combined. There is 23 minerals in its matrix, which includes:

Titanite, Cocoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Malachite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Shpalente, Covelite, Chalcopyrite, Gilaltite, Epidote, Bornite & Rutile.