Stilbite Specimen No3

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One off, Stilbite Size 11cm long, 7cm wide and 6cm high.

Crystal Meaning

Used to connect one to the energy. Can be placed in a room to enhance the environment for healing. Apophyllite clears and disperses energy, good for purification and invocation. Some pieces that include the green elements can link to the user other realms and introduce the user to astral characters for enhanced learning; Some claim connections to deities. A channelling crystal for both knowledge and healing energy.  Anti-Confusion.

Stilbite - Openness, Friendliness, and healing the inner child; brings a youthful outlook.

Healing Uses: Spinal Column, Lower Abdomen, Solar Plexus, Throat, hearing, brain.

Magical Use: Clearing, Channelling, Invocation, Guidance, Communion.