Amethyst Cluster with Calcite Crystal L2

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One off - Amethyst Cluster with Calcite Group, Mounted on Base!

Well, wow! This piece is a great bit of Brazilian Amethyst with super points and colour. The edges or sides of the item are polished for a stunning finish. In the center of course there is this large and lovely calcite growing out of the amethyst bed. Look closely at this calcite crystal, you can see its growing over a protruding amethyst ridge that also has geothite in it. Both the Amethyst bed and the Calcite crystal are stunning in their own right, but together. wow! The colour of the calcite crystal is a creamy light yellow.

One off - You get the one you see here.

Size - 3.34 Kilos.  25cm tall from the bottom of the wood base, 16cm wide 14cm deep.

Origin - Brazil.