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Extra Large Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones 3-4cm

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Extra Large Rose Quartz tumble stones Crystals, sold singly, size 3-4cm

These crystals are a suitable size for placing around a mediation, healing or sleeping area to work as a set of four and form a circuit. As such these crystals can be placed in the four corners of the area to be used to raise the vibration of the area and concentrate the energy to the center. For Healers, these crystals are most likely to used to perform a chakra balance, in connection with Chakra Crystals (Not Included) as in the Melody Method. of course you do not need to use crystals, you can use any as long as you cleanse them and activate them to work as a circuit.


Programming is simply the giving of purpose to a crystal. A crystal has many potential uses, to heighten its ability one should intend to the crystal the quality preffered. Thats all programming really is. The giving of intension which done in its most basic form, by holding the crystals and concentrating on a purpose. Clearing the program is done by cleansing the crystal under cold running water, which disipates the charge given.

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Crystal Protection Set

Crystal Protection Set
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The Protection Crystal Set, includes 1 of Each.  Emergency Rose Quartz important for reducing the struggle, bringing support and ease,Black Tourmaline for protection and shielding from Negative energies, as crystal to hold and bracelet to wear,Hematite an additional protection stone, which is also very grounding. Amethyst for Guidance and clarity. Boxed as seen
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Selenite Love Bowl Set

Selenite Love Bowl Set
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