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Fire Agate Tumbles B Grade

Price in points: 32 points
Reward points: 2 points
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Fire Agate Tumble Stones. Size  2cm approx. Sold Singly.

Crystal Meaning 
Bring Out The best! Fire Agate represents our best expression of the pure the red and base energy. Therefore it can be used to improve the projection of our energy or the better shield ourselves from the energy as it is emanated by others! Fire Agate is linked to the Serpents Fire, our creative explosive potential. To our selves the stone can be used to overcome depression, encourage the flow of positive creative energy. To others the stone can be used to protect ourselves from the perhaps less mature expressions of the red energy.
Uses: Depression, Positive Energy, Protection, Circulation Disorders. 

Linked to: Gerbruth, Mars, The Strength Tarot Card