Types of Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal Terms

Quartz crystals form in many varieties of shape and formation in addition there are radically different features and terms, below we have outlined some of the more common features that are relevant to our customers.  There are more features than are listed here, but these are the main ones of interest in the holistic crystal community. Please note that these features can appear together or separately in almost any combination.

Channelling, Quartz Chanellors

CHANNELLOR_QUARTZA channellor crystal is a crystal where the one face dominates the crystal termination. So that the quartz point may appear chisel like. The large face provides a channel into the crystal and on the reverse side a pyramid is present at the top. The large face now provides a channel into the pyramid, or conversely from the pyramid out. If we have stock then you can find them here.



Quartz_ClusterQuartz Crystals can occur seemingly almost independently but most commonly occur in groups and clusters. Meaning that most of the time the crystal was created along with many others. When these crystals occur together, then they from a “Cluster” (many) or Group (a few). Clusters vary in clarity formation, and colour. Some clusters are comprised of needles of quartz, whilst other will have large thick quartz points. Clusters are considered female whilst points are considered male. Clusters can be used to charge or cleanse other crystals.


Double Terminated

Double_TerminatedquartzThe phrase “termination” means the natural ending of the crystal. Crystals appear to grow typically in one direction and will often form a natural point, or termination. Quartz mostly creates a point like termination while other crystals may form for example, Chisel tips (Danburite) or flat Hexagonal ends (Aquamarines). Occasionally some crystals will form a termination at both ends. The appearance of two terminations means that the crystal grew in two directions, which means that the energy of the crystal flows in the same two directions. Where a crystal formed only one point, then it is usually considered that the crystal energy can only flow in that one direction. Double terminated crystals are of course rarer and are more powerful in many applications. They are also commonly referred to as DT’s.



Faden Quartz

Faden_Quartz_CrystalFaden Quartz is a particular variety of quartz. All Faden crystals are tabular forming crystals. They are not the same as a pure quartz tabular quartz crystal as there are other features that also accompany this variety; All crystals in the group will be tabular, and white lines (like string) will be present in the crystals. Tabular is a geometric shape which means in lay terms that the crystal will appear flat. Tabular crystals represent a metaphysical transition of energy from one state to another. Therefore tabular crystals are associated with ones personal life changing journeys. These crystals are often selected unwittingly by people that are going through such changes. Tabular crystals are said to aid in such journeys by helping one to adjust. It is for the same reason that these crystals can be used for healing and meditative journeys to altered states of consciousness. Now back the to the white lines in the Faden, These white lines can act as bridge from one person to another, this allows a healer to connect with a subject, or for a shaman to enter to another and guide them on a journey. Faden crystals are used by many healers trained in shamanic practice and by Crystal Healers that use the “Melody Method” as well as others.

Fenster Quartz

Herkimer_DiamondsFenster Quartz is the name of a variety of quartz that forms typically near water, and appears as short or stubby double terminated crystals. All Herkimer diamonds are fenster quartz, Herkimer diamonds get their name from the mine and so only come from there, but the variety of quartz known as fenster, occurs elsewhere too. Fenster quartz also comes from Morocco, India Afghanistan and Pakistan and possibly more locations. Each area provides a physical difference to the crystal, the most obvious one being clarity. Herkimer’s are usually the clearest Fensters hence the Diamond reference.

Generator Quartz Crystals

Recognisable by six sides and a balanced naturally forming point. The essences of the crystal is the naturally forming balanced six sides, drawing from six sides equally and naturally. If the point of the crystal has been cut to form this point, then its bogus. The natural appearance of the six sides balanced, represents the star of david, the merkaba symbol the number 6, or in kabbalic terms; chessed. Its is a reference to the balance of mind and emotion, male and female, as well as past and present therefore allowing all preceding energies to flow into a consciously chosen future point.  Such a crystal can be used as centre piece in a crystal array, of to empower other crystals.

Crystals In Matrix

CWavellite-Formation_1rystals are in scientific terms alive. Crystals satisfy the 3 required elements for a thing to be a live.
•    Grow / Duplicate – All living things can grow, duplicate or replicate.
•    Form a barrier – Become an individual by forming a barrier to other things.
•    Metabolise – Transform energy from outside of them selves to energy within them selves to promote growth.
Crystals do all of these things forming on a matrix. A Matrix of a host rock from which the crystal has gathered its core components from. Akin to the earth a plant draws from. Crystals that are still in matrix are most likely still growing and still alive. Conscious? Well some of us say yes, and others are sure we are wrong.  

Massive Form

The term massive, you will often see dotted around crystal sites and books. Some crystals form into proud, distinctive shapes with large points in rich clusters, but more often the basic soup that creates such distinct shapes only forms a rock like “Massive” with not distinct points. Rose Quartz for example if one the best examples it forms as a rock or in massive nearly all of the time, in fact when it rarely forms as actual crystals then its called Rose Crystalline, it gets a new name because its that uncommon. There are many crystals that form in this way.

Ruby_RecordkeeperRecord Keeper Crystals

Are recognised by the presence of raised pyramids, triangles on the surface of one or more crystal faces. These are very common on rubies and sapphires, but not very common on quartz. They are called record keepers as they are considered to hold stored knowledge pertaining to the origins of the planet and human race, as well as connecting to the ascended masters and higher self. Successful working with such crystals can be challenging to ones perspective, you should ensure that your mind is as clear as possible before trying, and attempt to loose any preconceived ideas.


Self_Healed_CrystalSelf Healed Crystals

Previously on this page we mentioned, Matrix and the fact that crystals are living things. Well the term self healed is another indicator of this. Crystals can be broken from a matrix (host rock) or cluster, by natural circumstances and not. A break may be seen on a portion of the crystal. The term “self healed” is applied when the crystal has continued to form over the break and patch the exposed area with more silicon indicating that the crystal has renewed its self. This feature is seen in metaphysical terms to indicated the level of energy within the crystal and the healing cycle present that may harnessed. 

Tabular Crystals

Tabular is a geometric shape which means in lay terms, that the crystal will appear flat. Longer on one sTabular_Crystalide, creating a rectangular shape. Tabular crystals represent a metaphysical transition of energy from one state to another. Therefore tabular crystals are associated with ones personal life changing journeys. These crystals are often selected unwittingly by people that are going through such changes. Tabular crystals are said to aid in such journeys by helping one to adjust. It is for the same reasons that these crystals can be used for healing and meditative journeys to altered states of consciousness.


Twin Quartz / Twin Flame

Twin_FlamecrystalTwin crystals are crystals that grow with each other, where the same crystal is forming two points or crystals from the one body. These crystals resemble relationships and the building of relationships. They are often selected by people that are working with soul mates in dense karmic cycles of their lives, where a need to focus the love at hand is more required than focusing on what agenda either may have. They indicate a time of co-existence and growth from the time shared with deep connections.


Window Quartz

WindowQuartzCrystalThis term is used to describe a naturally occurring window feature on the side a quartz crystal point. This window is most often rhomboidal, or diamond shaped. It is not that rare a physical feature. These Windows represent a crossing point of energy falling from four points, similar to the centre of the tau cross, it can resemble the challenge of form a spiritual centre, or purpose  into ones life. The crux of such challenges is ultimately the self reflection we face and surrender of the personality to the cause at hand. These crystals are said to be great teachers assisting us in the process of manifesting our spiritual purpose and accepting ourselves. In addition, as the crystals represent a crossing point of energy of between the realms they can also be used to navigate these realms.  Some sources state uses such as finding missing people and things, seeing past crossing points in our lives, and reliving or relearning from a past experience.




Messenger Crystal Quartz

quartzaa_26_smallA Messenger Crystal, is the little sub crystal growing on the side of the main crystal. A Messenger crystal signifies a message held within the crystal for a user to find in meditation. This understanding has been given to crystal users by “Melody”, who is a famous author on crystals and their uses. The message is usually relevant to ones growth, and represents new directions and opportunities yet to be found.  After meditating with the crystal, ones mind is opened to finding and seeing such an opportunity for growth.