The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls-Informantion, Links, Video 

Misty_skullThe Legend of the Crystal Skulls, starts out simple and then gets difficult to keep up with.
Initially it started with the Mitchell Hedges Skull being found, and from there grew a great many questions such as, who, what, how, when and why?

The Initial skull as baffled most, as to how it could of been made; when at the time it was found, yet alone when it was supposed to have made, man did not have the tools to create it.
The Skull is reputed to have healing and psychic abilities. It is said to hold the knowledge of the ancients, and secrets to the universe as well as the key to personal and planetary ascension.


It is said that the Mayans believed that around the third millennia BC, after the Great Flood destroyed Atlantis, that the survivors wished to preserve their wisdom. They shaped thirteen crystal skulls; nine were coloured and represented the races of men and four were as clear as glass to represent the beasts that walk, crawl, slide and fly. They were then sent to their place of "birth" until such a time when all are needed to avert the catastrophe that man will wreak on the planet. The human race, however, must be both morally and spiritually evolved to use this information.

All of this has produced an interest in Skull Meditations and Many seek to attune them selves to the frequencies of the skulls.

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