The Merkaba Movie 1

Star4_sThe Merkaba Crystal or Tetrahedron Star. 


A Short Imaginative Movie about the Merkaba Light body, Purely Visual. But Good.


The Imagery here is similar to our won thoughts and how the Merkaba could be used during the cosmic events of 2012. The galatic alignment at that time, should assit one that practised the Merkaba Meditation and Methods.


TetrahedronStarsThe Merkaba Star is 2 , 3 dimensional Pyramids or tetrahedrons, inserted over each over which has a few mystical references,


One Pyramid facing upward equals the element of Air (thought) the other pyramid facing down equals the element of Water (emotion). Inserted together equals thought balance with emotion. As a 3 dimensional shape it equals manifestation, meaning that the balance is actual. The same attributes are given to the Star of David, one of the seals of Solomon. light1_prism_refraction_1

In Purely Crystal Terms, each of the pyramids are tetrahedrons which are the fathers, or mothers of all crystal shapes and the first building blocks on the building of the light prisms that create the fabric of the material universe. 

It is through these prisms that light refracts and reconbines and where are vibrational fragmention occurs. Light in the broader sense, not just visible light but also the full range of the Electromagnetic Spectrum of Light. 

Therefore working on the Merkaba Star is directly working on the lightbody, and all forms of light vibration. 

The Two tetrahedrons together allow for the re-combining of the light body.

One Of the tetrahedrons forms the prism of earth bound light. The light within you. The other forms the Universal Light and is known by some as the Sun Tetrahedron.

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