How to cleanse crystals

Cleansing & Charging Crystals

CleansingCrystalsIt is usual practice to cleanse a crystal before and after use, as with any healing practice we should always keep our tools clean of residual energy that may have come into contact with the crystal. Crystals can be cleansed in a number of ways using any of the following;

  • Other Crystals
  • Crystal Clearing Drops,
  • Incense - Smudge or Grain Incense,
  • Sound - Ting Sha or Singing Bowls,
  • Sunlight
  • Moon light
  • Running Water

Cleanse_Crystals• Other Crystals

- Amethyst, Selenite, Kyanite, Sulphur, Super Seven, Herkimer and some other crystals are natural cleansers and do not require cleansing, similarly some of the crystals can be used to cleanse other crystals, or even to energise them. This is a method I personally use a lot. Often I will pick up a crystal and place it on another, leave it there for some time, then perhaps I may move it again to sit on another crystal for while all the time the crystals energy is being tailored by the other crystals it sits with until eventually it gets used. Many healers and light workers use this method and mostly with out any thought at all, just purely on what feels right. The same method can be incorporated into healing and meditive use to positive effect in the following way;

Cleanse_LighttabletWhite Light Charged Crystal Bed

Select your self a suitable crystal an Amethyst bed for example, this could be a cluster, Amethyst Rose, or Amethyst Slice as shown in the image above. Empower the crystal with your white light and place crystals you intend to use in a session on the White light Charged Amethyst Crystal Bed, for example your layout crystals, Laser Wand, Geometrics Crystals or charka crystals. The charging of the Crystal Bed allows you to focus your mind and white light on the session, knowing that the crystals are constantly being cleansed and charged for use. In addition if you are working in a busy clinic then the crystals are being cleansed in between sessions.


Crystal Clearing drops

are a stock tincture of Selected Cleansing Gems, carefully prepared with with the cycle of the moon. Three drops (the power of three) can be added to a dish of pure spring water and your crystals can be placed in the water to be cleansed.

Cleanse_Incense• Natural Grain Incense. – Smudge Sticks

have been used in cleansing rituals for centuries. Smudging utilises the four elements and with the user working harmoniously with the stick the fifth element is brought into play. The use of the stick involves allowing the smoke from the smudge stick to surround the crystal, and circling the smudge in a spiral manner to create a vortex, working from the base of the crystal to above the crystal – from earth towards sky. This releases negative energy from the base of the area. The Incense focuses on the Air and Fire elements primarily, so it can be used to clear away elemental spirits from an area, in addition it can be used to invoke positive air elementals too.

Cleanse_Sound• Ting Sha & Singing Bowls -

The use of Ting Sha Cymbals or Tibetan Singing Bowls can also be very effective, especially for removing programs set by others. Ting Sha & singing bowls are made of seven metals; each metal corresponding to a chakra level, once the cymbals is struck the metals release their sound vibrations at each level which unite creating a single sound, the sound of universe in union. In the presence of this sound all is brought into harmony and balance. One only needs to unite their mind with the sound to achieve communion with the higher self. Concentration and practice, meditating with the sound provide a mental path to communion. This method is very good for general use and is very effective on the sound level therefore very good for clearing thoughts, ideas, programs and limiting beliefs. In addition as they work on the air vibration they are also good for combining elements, and encouraging harmonious working.

• Running Water

Placing a crystal in running water is one way to cleanse the crystal and is possibly the most widely used. Many prefer to use a naturally running spring or river. One can also use tap water, allowing the water to run over the crystal for a few minutes until you feel it to be clean.

Stones & Crystals NOT to be cleansed with Water.

Some crystals will damage in water and so should be cleansed by another means. The types of crystals not to be cleansed with water are:  Halite, Rock Salt, Sulphur, Selenite, Adamite, Vanadalite, Vanadite, Azurite, Fibrous Malachite, Desert roses, Fulgurite, Wavellite.

Stones & Crystals that do NOT Require Cleansing

are: Sulphur, Kyanite, Amethyst, Citrine, Super Seven, fulgurite, diamond, Herkimer Diamond.

• Sunlight -

The Sun also can be used to clear a crystal influence. Simply placing the crystal in open sunlight will dissipate energy held within the crystal.

Moon_Page1• Moonlight & Water

Place crystals in a bowl of salt water in moonlight also clears crystal.

Energising Crystals

Each crystal has its own energy and if you take time to read the descriptions and uses for crystals you may notice the use and description cover a wide range, this is because when we feel the energy for the crystal we feel its energy pattern first, and then where it flows and then what it does when it arrives at a point within the body, so the crystal could do a wide range of things on its journey, it is for this reason that the user should take time to provide their intension clearly to the crystal, to bring to fore the correct frequency and use for the crystal. This will increase the effectiveness of the crystal towards its desired purpose.

This can be done in quite mediation, focus your thoughts on the desired effect whilst holding a cleansed crystal and concentrate on that thought becoming present within the crystal. This process is greatly enhanced when performed in partnership with the full moon or white light meditation. This what many would call programming a crystal, perhaps it is better called talking to it?

Amethyst_Druse_clusterNaturally Energising Crystals

Above in the Section Other Crystals we outline the use of crystals for cleansing and charging other crystals. If you should feel that your crystal has lost its shine, then it’s probably time to pass it on to another person. However you may not quite feel its time to do this so perhaps you should energise it? You can do this by adding the crystal to a collection of other crystals, and leaving it there for all the energies of all the crystals to rebalance each other naturally. Again Amethyst is good for this but so is sulphur.

Quartz_ClusterCharged Crystal Beds

You can energise a crystal by laying the crystal on a charged crystal bed. Quartz Crystal is good for this, just concentrate on white light and add the thought “Grow” to the light as the light leaves your hand and imparts into the crystal bed. Then place the crystal you wish to re-charge on the crystal bed. The basic premise for this comes down to how you understand the basic nature of the universe and forming a simple recognition of this nature which can then be used in the form of a command. The Universes only has two basic natures, Growth & Decline. You can cut this up all you like and rephrase it too but it all comes down to Growth & Decline. The same dynamic that is present within Physics, Nature, Tao and the beating heart of us all.